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We are proud to announce that Redwine Pest Control and Rose Pest Solutions have joined forces, effective July 1, 2015. Going forward, Redwine clients will be serviced under the Rose Pest Solutions name.

As President and a third generation owner of Rose Pest Solutions, I want to express thanks for the trust so many Cincinnati area homes and businesses have placed in Redwine over the last 11 years, and offer the same excellent service going forward with Rose Pest Solutions.

We are proud that Rose is the oldest name in pest management in the United States, celebrating its 155th anniversary this year, with the same family ownership since 1932. Founded in Cincinnati, we have offices in Ohio, Michigan, and northern Indiana, where we enjoy a fine reputation built on a commitment to providing the best in integrated pest management. This commitment, plus the similarities in service offerings, make Redwine and Rose a good match. We are confident that the knowledge of our technical staff and our full line of residential and commercial pest control services, combined with the continuing involvement of Paul Redwine and his team will provide and improve upon the quality work that you have come to expect from Redwine.

Please visit us at www.rosepestsolutions.com for more information or contact us at
1-800-966-7673 if you have any questions about continuing service with Rose Pest Solutions.

Welcome to Rose!


Carpenter AntRedwine Pest Control controls a variety of pests in and around your home or business. We are a local, family-owned business serving Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. We have an A rating on Angie's List, and a 5-Star rating from our customers. Our standard pest control program consists of treatment/prevention of Ants, Bees, Beetles, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Flies, Hornets, Indian Meal Moths, Mice, Millipedes, Mud Daubers, Pill Bugs, Rats, Silverfish, Sow Bugs, Spiders, Spring tails, Wasps, Water Bugs, Yellow Jackets, and More.

In The News . . .

Ants Around the World: No Males Allowed! Learn about interesting ants from all around the world. The second installment in this series highlights a species of ant that have colonies where no males have ever been found. Also view an illustration of an ant by a talented second grader.

We strive to present informative and educational information for our readers, including interesting news concerning pests and the pest control industry. Read our Blog to learn about what is going on in the world of pests.

Pests in the Pantry?

Stored Product Pests, also known as Pantry Pests, include indian meal moths, rice weevils, flour beetles and many others. These insects invade your kitchen, pantry and other areas, ruining food. Some of these pests find and infest pet food as well. Careful inspection, removal of infected food, and placing food into air-tight containers will help control these pests. We can help eliminate these pests from your home. Read More about stored product pests here.

Little Miss Muffet...

Wolf Spider...sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey. Along came a spider and sat down beside her, but she called Redwine Pest Control, and the killed it. Summer time means spiders in the Cincinnati area. Many of the eggs have hatched out, and a host of spiders are making their presence known. Spiders can be beneficial, trapping and devouring insects. The presence of numerous spiders, however, may indicate that other pest issues exist, as spiders live in areas where their prey -- mostly other insects -- is present. Even though spiders may be beneficial in nature, many people dread seeing them in and around their homes. Therefore, whether you have a problem with the intimidating wolf spider or the dreaded brown recluse, we have a solution for you.


Termite swarmers / alatesNeed help, an inspection or a free, no-obligation quote for termite control? We feature full, Sentricon Termite Baiting System, an always-active termite baiting system that has been proven to eliminate termite colonies. In the late winter and spring time in the Greater Cincinnati , Ohio area, termites swarm, particularly on warm, sunny days. Pest management companies receive the bulk of their termite calls in the spring, mostly in April and May. The "swarmers," or winged reproductive termites, look similar to winged ants, and alert homeowners that wood-destroying worker termites are nearby. Other signs of termite activity include damage in wood, drywall and other cellulose-based materials, that termites eat and feed to the rest of the colony. The damage can be mistaken for damage caused by ants and water as well, so calling in a professional to determine the type of damage is the first step to protecting your home. Learn how you can identify termites here, or view these photos of termite damage.

Bed Bugs

Close-Up of bed bugs on mattress seam Eliminate Bed Bugs and Their Eggs - We employ a "search and Destroy" method to eliminate bedbugs and their eggs. It is a total waste of time and money to kill the adults and not the eggs. We use an integrated approach to control bedbugs by applying steam to beds and other furniture to kill bed bugs, followed by long-lasting materials. We also provide our customers with bed bug mattress and box spring encasements as well as monitoring devices to enhance our bed bug eradication program. The photo on shows a close-up of bed bugs on mattress seam, where adults, nymphs and eggs can be seen. Call us to see what we can do to eliminate bedbugs infesting your home. Learn more about bed bug eradication.

Mole Trapping

Mole mounds in lawn

Mole Damage in the Lawn

Moles create unsightly tunnels and mounds in the lawn, foraging for their preferred food source: earthworms. Redwine Pest Control has a solution for eradicating moles in the lawn. Learn more about our mole control program.

We Promise:

  • Value: Quality work at a fair price. We're not the cheapest pest control company in Greater Cincinnati, nor are we the most expensive. We focus on value, giving our customers excellent service for a good price.
  • Assurance: If we do not do what we promise, we will give you a refund.
  • Flexibility: Customized service to fit your needs. Need inside treatments as well as outside? We have several customized options to suit your needs. Unlike many companies, Redwine Pest Control provides flexible treatment programs and fewer restrictions. Many companies dictate inflexible pest control plans.
  • To take your concerns seriously!
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